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Found Leaves with Delicate Crochet Embellishments by Susanna Bauer

June 13, 2019

Kate Sierzputowski

…ers In her series of sewn together and crocheted leaves and twigs, Susanna Bauer (previously) considers the fragility of nature and humans’ inextricable tie to its survival. The Cornwall, England-based artist combines the found elements with fine cotton thread to produce unique objects steeped in the history of craft. Intimate marks add detail to small patches or the complete outline of browned leaves, drawing our attention the natural growth patt…



Art Craft

Dried Leaves Crocheted into Delicate Sculptures by Susanna Bauer

May 4, 2017

Christopher Jobson

…t the intersection of thread, leaves, and her steady hands, artist Susanna Bauer (previously here and here) produces miraculous little sculptures that fuse the natural world with the handmade. Her crocheted embellishments stitched into dry leaves introduce unusual patterns or create hybrid “assemblages” of multiple fragments, and at times she adds elements that appear almost naturally occurring. Bauer says she creates the works as a tribute to nat…



Art Craft

Fragile Crocheted Leaf Sculptures by Susanna Bauer

March 2, 2016

Christopher Jobson

…Working with the rigid edges of large dried magnolia leaves artist Susanna Bauer (previously) adds tiny crocheted embellishments of cotton yarn to create fascinating sculptures that marry the natural and artificial world. The fragility of the medium alone—dry leaves—is enough to cause a double take when first encountering these tiny interventions, and a closer look reveals near perfection in Bauer’s stitching, a near Herculean effort in patience….



Art Craft

Impressive Crocheted Leaf Sculptures by Susanna Bauer

June 15, 2015

Christopher Jobson

…at Lemon Street Gallery in Cornwall, England through June 27th, and you explore a bit more on Facebook. Simon Cook Susanna Bauer Susanna Bauer Simon Cook Susanna Bauer



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