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Design Photography

Vertical Panoramic Photographs of New York Churches by Richard Silver

September 24, 2015

Kate Sierzputowski

Richard Silver (previously) has a unique way of looking at architecture, building composite photographs from several images that seamlessly reveal a structure's interior. His new series captures the insides of New York churches, and are perfectly timed for the Pope's impending arrival on U.S. soil. These images are composed of 6-10 shots, forming a vertical panorama so cohesive that it might give you vertigo. Although Silver has been to hundreds of churches during his career and many years of travel, it's only recently that he figured out how to capture the…

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Corrugated Steel Shelves Line a Church-Turned-Poetry-Shop in Shanghai

May 12, 2020

Grace Ebert

Peer inside Shanghai's St. Nicholas, an Orthodox church from 1932, and you won't see pews or traditional iconography. Thanks to architectural firm Wutopia Lab, the renovated building now serves as a shrine to verse. Titled "Church in Church," the 388 square-meter structure holds Sinan Books Poetry Store, which boasts more than 1,000 volumes written in multiple languages. They're displayed on steel shelves weighing 45 tons that contrast the ornate facades, high archways, and ceiling-bound frescoes of the original architecture. In a conversation with ArchDaily, Wutopia Lab said the Chinese city's mandates to…

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Art Craft

Knitted Camouflage’s Models Blend into the Background in a New Art Book

September 24, 2019

Laura Staugaitis

Last year, we shared Joseph Ford and Nina Dodd's collaborative project that featured people sporting custom-knit ensembles that perfectly melded with their environment. Since then, the photographer and knitter duo have been hard at work creating new pairings that disguise watermelons as bananas, farmers as their cows, and commuters as the escalators they ascend. Invisible Jumpers, their book published by Hoxton Mini Press, documents the Knitted Camouflage project's best work. See more from the series on Ford's website and Instagram and pick up a book from Hoxton (currently shipping internationally).  

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Jacob Hashimoto Relates How Layered Narratives and the Legacy of Landscape Abstraction Inform New Ways of Thinking About Space

August 23, 2022

Kate Mothes

In the suspended worlds of upstate New York-based artist Jacob Hashimoto, a multitude of undulating forms and layers begin with a single element: a kite. Each screen-printed disc is inspired by his surroundings, pop culture, and current events, and the individual components are assembled into fields in a vast range of vivid colors, patterns, and sizes, from wall works to elaborate architectural installations. His interest in the legacy of the gestural landscape abstraction associated with painters like Mark Rothko or Helen Frankenthaler translated the brushstroke into a repeating module or disc shape. Hashimoto describes the kite elements as “pixels,” nodding…

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A Typographic Tribute Honors the Residents and Neighbors of a Now-Demolished House in Sainte-Marie

June 17, 2022

Grace Ebert

For five days in November 2020, a house in Sainte-Marie, Québec, identified all of its residents and neighbors on Saint Louis Avenue. Antoine Audet, Maude Faucher, James Audet... the list included hundreds of names inked on strips of white paper and pasted to the clapboards. The ephemeral design was the project of Louis Gagnon, creative director of the Montréal-based studio Paprika who lived in the house as a child and wanted to honor its tenants and friends before it was demolished. Back in 2019, major flooding swamped the city,…

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Tau Lewis’s Monumental Textile Masks Envision a Mythical Post-Apocalyptic Transformation

November 10, 2022

Grace Ebert

Translating to "the voice of the people is the voice of god," Vox Populi, Vox Dei is artist Tau Lewis’s reimagining of historic systems and principles. The Latin phrase is often associated with the British Whig party and the establishment of secular democracies throughout Europe, although Lewis hones in on the saying's lingering religious reference as she envisions enormous characters who've emerged from an apocalypse. Six sculptural masks populate the gallery at 52 Walker for the artist's ongoing solo show, which…

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