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Paul Octavious


While traveling in San Francisco recently Paul Octavious (previously) captured these two wonderful shots. Too much fun. More like this, please….


The Event of a Thread: Anne Hamilton’s Groundbreaking Installation Filmed and Photographed by Paul Octavious


…ing not covered it on Colossal as coverage bounced around the web, is this gorgeous new video by my friend Paul Octavious who managed to catch a final glimpse of the installation before it closed last weekend. As visually stunning as it appears, I’m certainly left asking… “So what does it all mean!?” A field of swings suspended 70 feet in the air, a gargantuan white curtain attached to a network of ropes and pulleys, reade…


Lean With It: People Photographed Leaning at Impossible Angles with Trees


Chicago photographer Paul Octavious has just released a number of new photos as part of his Lean With It series, where he captures people bending (I suspect falling) in parallel with precariously angled trees. It’s almost more amazing that he’s able to find these trees in the first place, let alone timing such great shots. See much more on his website….


This Is What Happens When You Attach a GoPro Camera to a Moving Car Wheel


…hing is dwindling, gems like these still persist. For his Video Sketchbook class at the University of Wisconsin, Ryan Fox attached a camera to his car wheel while driving aroud at night, and this is the dizzying result. This should probably come with a list of seizure/vertigo/hypnotism warnings. (via Vimeo) Update: Hey, if you liked this, also check out Paul Octavious’ photo series of spinning vinyl, Grandpa’s Records (scroll right)….


Chicago at night


A killer stereographic photo of Chicago from above by Paul Octavious (previously)….


Kite Hill


Shot by Paul Octavious (previously) at the Kids & Kites Festival at Montrose Harbor. Fun fact: I was out and about with Colossal Junior on this day, though it doesn’t look like we made a cameo. This is about four blocks from headquarters. It always amazes me how beautiful Paul makes our neighborhood look, or perhaps sometimes I just fail to see the beauty in it, though this was indeed a glorious day….


Friday Linkdump


…traced by 500 individuals. Welcome to Finca Bellavista a sustainable treehouse community. Genius Vomit, from photographer Paul Octavious. John Malkovich in rare graphically modified form. Just in time for President’s day, the Make Your Own Zombie Kit; and seen on the streets of Chicago, Zombie Hepburn. And finally a repentant washing machine named Gene appears in New York laundromats bearing gifts after years of unbridled sock consumption….


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