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Big Appetites: Miniature People Living in a World of Giant Food by Christopher Boffoli

July 26, 2012

Christopher Jobson

The miniature people inhabiting the fine art photographs of Christopher Boffoli live in a world of enormous food. A place where towering ice cream cones are turned into camping tents, where a field of peppercorns becomes a soccer match, and a savage crawfish threatens a group of men. The photos are as absurd as they are delightful. Based in Seattle, Boffoli says his work comments not only on our fascination with miniature things, but on…



Art Food Photography

Portion Control: New Photos of Tiny People Living in a World of Food by Christopher Boffoli

June 5, 2013

Christopher Jobson

Rock Candy Icefall Fine art photographer Christopher Boffoli (previously) just released a new body of work as a continuation of his Big Appetites series where he imagines tiny people living in a world of giant food. Boffoli opens a new exhibition tomorrow night called Portion Control at Winston Wächter Fine Art in New York where he’ll also have a few copies of his forthcoming book Big Appetites. All images courtesy the artist. Caramel…



Art Design

Six Great New Art Books

September 10, 2013

Christopher Jobson

…quare that perforates every page of the book. Big Appetites, Tiny People in a World of Big Food The miniature people in these photos are dwarfed not only by food, but also by the giant imagination of photographer Christopher Boffoli. His latest book, Big Appetites, contains dozens of new photos that tell the story of tiny people who struggle to survive inside these bizare, edible worlds. Full non-disclosure: Colossal is published from Illinois,…